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What they say about us

The opinions of our patients allow us to improve every day and feel proud to be the Dental Clinic of reference in Mojacar.

This is a very friendly and efficient clinic. Dr Carlos filled 3 teeth for me, extracted 1 other and made a new partial denture for me quickly with a very comfortable and natural fit and appearance. Excellent! This is the most straightforward clinic I’ve visited in Mojacar, quoting costs in line with typical Spanish pricing and my first visit included exam with full mouth x-ray without obligation or cost. The entire staff is helpful and friendly with at least two excellent English speakers on hand capable of getting an accurate interpretation of the most subtle aspects of my questions. I look forward to returning when needed and I’m happy to recommend the clinic to my friends.


Great dental practice. Very helpful and friendly. The dental nurse speaks good English acted as an interpreter with the dentist.

Nicola Blackledge

Buen servicio. Nos atendieron muy bien, con cita previa, todo muy rápido y sin ninguna molestia.

Jaime Porta


Your Dental Center in Mojacar

At Dental Center Mojacar, we offer a wide range of dental treatments with specialists for every need. We focus on providing you as a patient the best oral health in a comfortable and accessible environment for all. Your satisfaction is our priority. At Dental Center Mojacar you will find modern and comfortable facilities with cutting-edge dental technology.

Personalized Attention

For us, the most important thing is excellence in everything we do for the full satisfaction of our patients.

Advantages Dental Center

We offer services in all dental specialties, being experts in the orthodontic sector.

Our Center

Modern and pleasant facilities, with first-rate diagnostic and management equipment and highly qualified staff.


Personalization and Financing

Consult with us about your possibilities to personalize your orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics for children and adults with comfortable financing.


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Our Services

Our priority is oral health and that is why we offer you all the treatments you may need with the latest technologies.
We have materials of the highest quality in manufacturing and advised with the best international clinical support.

General odontology

Our priority is to improve oral health, which is why we offer you all the treatments you may need with the latest technologies.

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Treatment that consists of the partial or total removal of the dental pulp. It is applied to fractured teeth with deep cavities in their pulp tissue.

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Dental Aesthetics

With our dental aesthetic treatments we can solve problems related to oral health and the aesthetic harmony of the mouth as a whole.

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Pediatric dentistry

Through this branch we can do a special follow-up to the little ones in such a way that we can avoid possible future problems.

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Orthodontics Children and Adults

Our greatest specialty and our strongest point. We have materials of the highest quality in manufacturing and advised with the best international clinical support.

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Implantology and Oral Surgery

We always have the best materials with the highest quality. Recover and maintain the best smile, or oral surgery with surgical treatment, as well as the extraction of wisdom teeth.

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This specialty covers everything related to periodontal diseases, those that are produced by the accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar in the neck of the teeth.

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Dental prostheses

Dental prosthesis is an artificial material intended to restore one or more teeth, also restoring the relationship between the jaws.

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What makes us different?


We strive for excellence in everything we do, with the goal of making our patients feel as comfortable as possible.

Our philosophy

Take excellent care of our patients while building lasting relationships.


We believe that dental health education for all is essential; therefore, we will focus our efforts on increasing awareness of the importance of oral health through our team.